Hello from Dubai!

I’ve been here as the Music Director of La Perle for four years. Strange place – up is off on light switches, skim milk has a red cap (and blue for normal), the work/school-week starts on Sunday (it’s referred to as “Smunday” in our household) – but it’s peacefully safe and clean, and entertainingly culturally diverse.

I’m playing a Jonathan Mann SEM-5 in the show, through an Avid Eleven Rack. The “Manndolin” is strung with D’Addario NYXL’s: 48, 32, 21, 13.5 and 9, and played with a Blue Chip TAD-3R 35.

There’s a Collings MT2 O in the apartment, a single-pickup modified Kevin Schwab electric 5-string, and #2 of the three-ever-made Mike Marshall Signature electric mandolins.
(And lots of other instruments – we’re a very musical family.)

Jim Bevan
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Freud Bar Belo Horizonte
Jammin’ with the house band at the Freud Bar in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
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